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A Short History of Solve

Published on February 14, 2020

Solve was born on Snapchat in 2018. We were interested in reimagining True Crime and Mystery as made-for-mobile experiences. Our team all grew up as fans of shows like Law and Order, Stranger Things and CSI and were interested in seeing what happened when you started to pull an audience inside these experiences and had them touch the content they were consuming. We asked ourselves, “what would a show like Lost look like when reimagined for mobile-first audiences?

Building An Audience Pre-Product

Published on February 14, 2020

Launching a product with an already established, but more critically, engaged, user base is a challenge. How does one take comfort in spending big on user acquisition at product launch without knowing whether your product has affordable and accessible audiences? It’s a challenge that confronts most, if not all, product facing businesses. Solve is no exception. Solve is building something special and unique. In preparation for its launch, our product must have a targetable audience to convert that’s scaleable.

The Business of Podcasting

Published on February 14, 2020

At Solve , we are always looking for interesting new ways to grow the brand and find new fans of our interactive murder-mystery / true crime content. Podcasting is growing quickly - 22% of the U.S. now listens weekly to a podcast - and one of the biggest categories is true crime. Podcasts were a natural fit as our next Solve format. The Solve podcast debuted in December 2019, has over 2 million downloads, and ended up hitting #2 on the Apple Podcast charts.