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You’ve listened to every true crime podcast, lost days on the Zodiac killer subReddit, and googled so many serial killers you’re probably on some watchlist. By now you consider yourself a seasoned detective. There’s just one thing missing: you’ve never been given a real case to crack. Enter SOLVE, the world’s first interactive murder-mystery podcast that puts you at the center of the investigation. Each week on SOLVE, you’ll be assigned a new case, based on real true crimes, that will test your skills as a detective. You’ll interrogate new suspects, piece together evidence, and scour distinct crime scenes to track down murderers hiding in plain sight. SOLVE premieres December 16th on Apple Podcasts, the iHeart Radio app, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. One crime. Four suspects. Can you SOLVE these crimes?

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Dec 2019

Episode: 1

Til Death Do Us Part

Everyone warned Dana that her new beau, Roger, was hiding a dark past. Now that she’s been found dead, dark secrets will be unearthed, shining the spotlight on Roger and Dana’s closest family and friends. Can you find the killer hiding within this twisted love triangle?


Dec 2019

Episode: 2

The Real Killer

When Julia Harris’ cheating boyfriend is found dead on the side of the road, she’s quickly convicted. But two years into her sentence, she maintains that her boyfriend's true killer is still at large. Can you solve if Julia’s a master manipulator, or the fall woman in this complicated crime?


Dec 2019

Episode: 3

Pretty Dead

Successful Miami hairstylist, Leanne Linotti, had it all...that is, until the harassment started. At her wits end, Leanne hires a hitman to silence her suspected harasser. But when Leanne herself winds up dead, it’s up to you to solve who got the jump on her sinister plan.


Dec 2019

Episode: 4

Family Feud

When James Morelli invited his family to a desert retreat, he planned on picking the successor to his billion dollar fortune. But the meditative weekend goes awry when James is found dead following a sound bath. Which one of his family members wanted a seat at the table so bad that they’d kill for it?


Jan 2020

Episode: 5

The Scoop

When investigative journalist Avery Stevens is approached by a fixer for the rich and famous who’s ready to hand over his client’s secrets, she thinks she’s hit a journalistic jackpot. But when her source is killed, Avery finds herself at the center of a criminal conspiracy, and is soon murdered herself. Can you solve if Avery’s death was part of a coverup?


Jan 2020

Episode: 6

Old Hollywood Hotel

The morning after she arrived in Los Angeles, famous influencer, Eloise Pham, was found floating in the pool of the historic Old Hollywood Hotel. Now it’s up to you to interrogate her family, friends and fans to figure out who would extinguish this rising star.


Jan 2020

Episode: 7

Amazon Assasination

Environmentalist couple, Natalia and Javier, devoted their lives to protecting the Amazon rainforest. So when they’re gunned down during a protest, the police quickly zone in on a handful of political rivals. Whose interests were worth killing for?


Jan 2020

Episode: 8


High school senior, Hazel Blackwell, was applying to her dream college when she uncovered an underground ring of admissions fraud. Who found out about Hazel’s intentions to tell, and killed her before she could blow the whistle?


Feb 2020

Episode: 9

Going Under

When five people go underwater in an eccentric billionaire’s private submarine, only four come back alive. With an ambitious Ph.D student found stabbed to death, can you solve who killed Ruth Tanner and why?


Feb 2020

Episode: 10

The Rat

A gang of bank robbers realize mid-heist that someone in their crew has tipped off the cops, leading to the gang leader being killed in an epic shootout with police. After narrowly escaping to their safe house, the surviving crew begins to piece together who on their team is not as they seem. Can you solve which criminal is actually a rat?