A Short History of Solve

Published on February 14, 2020


Solve was born on Snapchat in 2018. We were interested in reimagining True Crime and Mystery as made-for-mobile experiences. Our team all grew up as fans of shows like Law and Order, Stranger Things and CSI and were interested in seeing what happened when you started to pull an audience inside these experiences and had them touch the content they were consuming. We asked ourselves, “what would a show like Lost look like when reimagined for mobile-first audiences?”

Solve takes an audience through evidence, testimony, recreations, interviews and story inspired by a True Crime or Mystery. At the end of each story, the audience is tasked with voting on which of the four suspects they believe committed the crime. Upon placing this vote, we reveal the guilty party together with an explanation of how the case should have been solved. We share how many people have voted for each suspect and how many of this audience correctly solved the case. Can you Solve this Mystery?

In giving a degree of control to our audiences, interesting things immediately started to happen. We noticed from the launch of our first ever Solve episode that our audience was watching the show for an average duration that was longer than the actual show length. They were taking the time to go back and forth in the story to revisit evidence before finally making their decision and voting on who they think did it.

Having created this format, our next task was to create a new approach to at-scale scripted production - an always-on studio that could produce a quantity of quality at a price point that is sustainable. We currently make one hundred minutes of original scripted content each month in our dedicated studios in Los Angeles. Our writers, producers, and directors are all experts at blurring the lines between story and gameplay. Our team is drawn from gaming and content - companies like King, Vertical Networks, Snap, Crunchyroll, and Disney.

Interactive Murder Mystery

Solve became its own company in 2019 and we now have a team of 40 people working on True Crime Podcasts, Mystery Narrative Games, True Crime and Mystery Social and Television projects. We have a team made up of Narrative Game Designers, Writers, Directors, and Engineers split between London and Los Angeles. Our focus remains on telling compelling True Crime and Mystery stories that come with integrated moments of audience interaction. We look to sit in a space that falls between sit back and sit forward viewing and our moments of interaction always feel natural, additive and friction-free and invariably designed for mobile consumption.

Our mission is to blur the lines between video and gaming, passive and active. We create True Crime and Mystery storytelling for the 2020s.

Can You Solve This True Crime?

We believe that content experiences become far more valuable when audience members become participants.

Interactive True Crime Show

We believe that True Crime and Mystery are the perfect formats for the audience to play along. It is a behavior that already exists in each of us who watch True Crime or Mystery shows - we are playing along in our head and trying to solve the case. Now we can prove that we correctly solved the case (or not).

We believe that audience participation should always be subservient to the story and come without friction.

Can You Solve This Mystery?

Solve was designed to blur the lines between narrative and gaming - to pull passive viewers and listeners inside a story and have them make it their own through the decisions they make.

Four suspects, One Guilty party - can you solve this Mystery?

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